Deepdale Podcast – Alton Wahlberg, Josie Field, East Angles Brass, The Miracle Cure, Elizabeth & Jameson & Sunday Driver – September 2022 – Part 3

Deepdale Festival 2022 – Artists

Jason chats with artists performing at Deepdale Festival 2022. Part 3 includes Alton Wahlberg, Josie Field, David from East Angles Brass, The Miracle Cure, Griff from Elizabeth & Jameson, and Joel from Sunday Driver.

Huge thanks to all the artists that agreed to join the podcast, and for allowing us to play samples of their music.

We hope you’ll come and join us at Deepdale Festival 2022, from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th September. You can find the full programme and ticket information on

Enjoy the listen, and please come back for parts 1 and 2, and the other episodes of Deepdale Podcast.

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Podcast Content

00:00 – Deepdale Podcast theme by Jess Morgan

01:04 – Introduction by Jason

01:50 – Alton Wahlberg

08:55 – The Muteham Brothers by Alton Wahlberg (Sample)

10:16 – Josie Field

15:51 – Yolo by Josie Field (Sample)

17:11 – East Angles Brass

25:54 – Our Land by East Angles Brass (Sample)

27:14 – The Miracle Cure

36:05 – Oh Nell by The Miracle Cure (Sample)

37:24 – Elizabeth & Jameson

43:09 – Catching Crickets by Elizabeth & Jameson (Sample)

44:28 – Sunday Driver

53:11 – Sun God by Sunday Driver (Sample)

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