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Burnham Overy Staithe Tide Times


Life on the North Norfolk Coast centres around the state of the tide, whether you are coming to enjoy watersports when the tide is in or exploring the creeks & harbours when the tide is out. Wildlife, weather, winds and so much more are affected by the tides, so its hugely important to know when high tide is and plan accordingly.

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Burnham Overy Staithe tide times and heights are provided under copyright licence by United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Brancaster Staithe & Burnham Deepdale Tide Times are approximately 8 minutes earlier than Burnham Overy Staithe.  Times are adjusted to British Summer Time where needed.


Tide Date High Tide AM Height AM High Tide PM Height PM
20 Jun 24 06:18 1.4 18:34 1.4
21 Jun 24 07:01 1.6 19:22 1.6
22 Jun 24 07:43 1.8 20:10 1.7
23 Jun 24 08:25 1.9 20:57 1.8
24 Jun 24 09:05 2 21:42 1.8
25 Jun 24 09:45 2 22:28 1.8
26 Jun 24 10:27 2 23:15 1.7


Brancaster Beach Road Flooding - This road usually floods on tides of 1.8m or higher. However flooding occurs due to many factors, so please take care as the road can flood on lower tides too. Salt water and your car are not a good mix.





Norfolk Tide Tables available from Deepdale Visitor Information Centre


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We also sell Norfolk Tide Table books in Deepdale Visitor Information Centre.



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