Deepdale Podcast – Favourite Albums of 2021

This month Chris & Jason chat through their favourite albums of 2021, including The Wishing Tree by Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, Midnight Chorus by Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy, Carondelet by Quarterman, Hunter by Christina Alden & Alex Patterson, More Notes From The Field by Jacob & Drinkwater, The Wanderer (a tribute to Jackie Leven) by Various Artists, Home Recordings by Martin Simpson, The Eternal Rocks Beneath by Katherine Priddy, Jigsaw by Hope & Social and Inner Symphonies by Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher. Plus two honourable mentions and some lovely sample tracks from the albums.

Thanks for listening to the Deepdale Podcast, produced by the team at Deepdale Farm, Deepdale Camping & Rooms and Dalegate Market in Burnham Deepdale on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.

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Favourite Albums of 2021

The Wishing Tree

Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys


Chris met Sam at Deepdale Festival, when he attended as a guest of one of the performing artists. Later in the year, Chris & Jason headed to the Norwich Arts Centre to watch a gig with Sam, his band, and Katherine Priddy supporting. Fingers crossed Sam & The Lost Boys will be performing at Deepdale sometime soon.

Midnight Chorus

Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy


Chris has seen Kathryn Williams perform many times and just loves the way she draws you in. This album is both musically beautiful and gorgeous physical hardback cover with pages of illustrations. You definitely want to add this album to your Christmas CD collection.

Sample track: Snow Angel




Many music lovers will have seen Rich perform at Deepdale with his band Man The Lifeboats, who opened Deepdale Festival in 2021 with a brilliant set on Thursday evening, settling the Deepdale team nerves. Rich also performed a wonderful solo set later in the weekend on the Orchard Stage. This takes Chris straight back to his earlier life in the London.

Sample track: Bonnie


Christina Alden & Alex Patterson


Christina and Alex have played at Deepdale a couple of times as part of the trio, Alden Patterson & Dashwood. Many of you will remember their beautiful harmonies. This couple tour a lot as a duo, and have produced this lovely album. Chris describes them as one of the best Norwich folk scene exports.

Sample track: Hunter

More Notes From The Field

Jacob & Drinkwater


Another of Chris’ discoveries at Moseley Folk Festival, which always provides a rich seam of musical inspiration. Completely new to Jason, but very pleased to be introduced to this duo.

Sample track: Higher than the Moon

The Wanderer (a tribute to Jackie Leven)

Various Artists


If you have time, then buy Chris a glass of whiskey or a dark ale and ask him what he thinks of Jackie Leven and his music. Prepare to be there a while, but you will discover the huge passion Chris has for music, and particularly for Jackie Leven. This double album features some amazing artists, who all clearly also love Jackie’s work.

Sample track: Universal Blue

Home Recordings

Martin Simpson


Martin joined us for Deepdale Festival, performing a mesmerising set on Sunday evening in the Brick Barn. Jon Clifton, who photographed the whole event, said it was an absolute honour to photograph of the greatest guitarists he’s ever seen. That gives you an idea of how special it was to have Martin play at Deepdale. This album is exactly what it says, music recording during the various lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

The Eternal Rocks Beneath

Katherine Priddy


Katherine’s set at Deepdale Festival was one of Jason’s highlights, a beautiful solo performance on the Orchard Stage. Chris & Jason have since seen Katherine supporting Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys at Norwich Arts Centre. Jason thought he had found a special artist for Deepdale when he heard her on BBC 6 Music, and quickly messaged Chris to say he needed to book her, but Chris was already way ahead having heard her play previously at Moseley. This is a stunning album, that has topped the British Folk Charts and had much airplay on stations like BBC Radio 2. You are welcome back to Deepdale anytime Katherine.

Sample track: The Summer Has Flown


Hope & Social


A band introduced to Chris by one of his old school mates, who you’ll often meet enjoying live music at Deepdale. A big step away from the folk core that many of our favourite albums have in common. You won’t see a description like this on many websites – ‘Genre spanning Yorkshire heroes. Sounds like the E-Street Band, at Arcade Fire’s party, rowing over who gets to snog David Bowie.’
Spoiler: This is Chris’ album of the year!

Sample track: St. Stephen’s

Inner Symphonies

Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher


Jason is very excited to introduce music to Chris, an unusual experience as Chris has his ear much more firmly to the music seam. However this was an album that Mary Anne Hobbs played on BBC 6 Music, and it completely grabbed Jason. A stunning coming together of classical and pop and everything inbetween. Jason does love it when genres come together, producing something simply beautiful. And it helps that the cover photo could easily be a beach on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.

Honourable Mentions

Life and the Land

Ben Walker & Kirsty Merryn


Kirsty and Ben performed this EP and other songs in St Mary’s Church at Deepdale Festival 2021. Haunting, drawing you into the countryside, the joy of a hard days work in that landscape, and our connection to the Earth.

Folk ‘n’ Glory

Bleeding Hearts


Although this album is 10 years old, these lovely guys definitely deserve a honourable mention after they performed at Deepdale Festival 2021, headlining the Brick Barn on the Saturday evening. Their drummer fell ill shortly before the gig, and so had planned an acoustic set with just 3 of the band, that was until they discovered that our very own Chris is a drummer. He was brought on to play 3 tracks that evening, and loved every minute of the experience.

Sample track: Folk ‘n’ Glory

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