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Deepdale Podcast – Marina Florance, Christina Alden & Alex Patterson, Lisa Redford, Fred’s House, Good Earth Collective – September 2022 – Part 1

Deepdale Festival 2022 – Artists

Jason chats with artists performing at Deepdale Festival 2022. Part 1 includes Marina Florance, Christina Alden & Alex Patterson, Lisa Redford, Vikki from Fred’s House and three of the Good Earth Collective.

Huge thanks to all the artists that agreed to join the podcast, and for allowing us to play smaples of their music. Particular thanks go to the Good Earth Collective who performed live for the podcast, a first for us.

We hope you’ll come and join us at Deepdale Festival 2022, from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th September. You can find the full programme and ticket information on

Enjoy the listen, and please come back for parts 2 and 3, and the other episodes of Deepdale Podcast.

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Podcast Content

00:00 – Deepdale Podcast theme by Jess Morgan

01:04 – Introduction by Jason

02:09 – Marina Florance

12:53 – Waves by Marina Florance (Sample)

14:06 – Christina Alden & Alex Patterson

24:46 – Hunter by Christina Alden & Alex Patterson (Sample)

26:02 – Lisa Redford

32:08 – The Edge Of Love by Lisa Redford (Sample)

33:28 – Vikki from Fred’s House

38:56 – Walls and Ceilings by Fred’s House (Sample)

40:27 – Good Earth Collective

47:16 – Full Circle by Good Earth Collective (Live Performance)