Memory Tape on BBC Radio 6 Music

Last Wednesday, Chris and Jason had their memory tape played on BBC Radio 6 Music. Always great fun to be on the radio, and even better when we get to pick the tracks that they play, so huge thanks to the BBC Radio 6 Music Morning Show for having us on there. Absolute pleasure to chat with Lauren Laverne and her team were great.

You can listen to the memory tape on the BBC website at:

BBC Radio 6 Music Memory Tape


This is the full playlist that we sent to the show, with some explanation of why we picked the tracks. We had great fun putting together this play list, and we hope you enjoy what we selected.

Music is a huge part of both Chris and Jason’s lives. They first became friends enjoying three of our favourite things – live music, real ale and curries. Chris plays drums in a band, but Jason is sad to say that he doesn’t have a musical bone in his body, so helping promote musicians is the closest he’ll get to performing. “I’ve always had the dream that I’ll take up guitar, but not sure I’d want to put my wife or daughter through the experience of me learning.”

Now Jason and Chris are business partners and run Deepdale Backpackers & Camping, where music forms an important part of the Deepdale offering.

Not sure if this list could be described as the soundtrack to their lives, but they certainly give you a hint of the inspiration for developing Deepdale, and the soundtrack of the last year while they’ve developed Deepdale Music.


At The River – Groove Armada
(This could be described as the anthem for Deepdale, not sure why its called At The River when its about sand dunes and salty air, something we have in spades here)


Aston Express Way Kiss Me Quick – Jess Morgan
(Jess played an awesome headlining set on our Acoustic Stage at our festival in September 2017 and we are really looking forward to welcoming her back for her very own Sunday Session in May)


Courage – Pepper & Shepherd
(These guys played the first Sunday Session we ever held at Deepdale, and then played an awesome set at our festival. We really look forward to welcoming them back again soon.)


I Wanna Be Good – Thinking Men (from their EP Momento Mori)
(Discovered these guys at an event called #OH1 at Open in Norwich, and Chris has been wanting to fit them into one of our events since then, fingers crossed Deepdale Festival 2018 will be that event.)


War Pigeon – Shackleton Trio
(This wonderful trio have played at Deepdale a few times and are superb musicians. The Sunday Session under clear skies with the fire pits lit was an awesome night.)


A Better Song – Marina Florance
(We are seriously honoured that Marina has chosen to launch her new album with us at Deepdale Hygge, going to be great to welcome her back to Deepdale.)


Voluptas – Little Red Kings
(Awesome set headlining the Deepdale Festival on the Brick Barn Stage, and you have to catch one of their unplugged sets.)


Wild Flowers – Tom Petty
(Chris managed to see Tom live last year in Hyde Park, one from his bucket list, and sadly only just in time. Tom will be missed, but we can still enjoy his music.)


If We Were Vampires – Jason Isbell
(Chris’ choice, one of the great things about having muso friends is that they constantly introduce you to new music.)


Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces – JayHawks
(Chris and his partner say these guys at the Moseley Folk Festival, think it was a highlight of their 2017)


Salthouse Creake – Clark and Zuppardi
(Pronounced salhouse, this is inspired by one of the many beautiful villages here on the North Norfolk Coast. Clark and Zuppardi have played a few times at Deepdale and are just awesome live.)


Buffalo River Home – John Hiatt
(Another of Chris’ choices, he’s secretly a country fan.)


Running On My Chain – Ardeth Bey
(You might recognise the drummer, our very own Chris, and yes we were all a little surprised bearing in mind some of his other music choices!)


Dirty Footprints – Falling From Trees
(If you haven’t heard these guys, then you really need to discover them. Enjoyed some great evenings at Deepdale with these guys.)


Looking For Lewis and Clark – The Long Ryders
(In Chris’ mind, you can’t have a better ‘setting off on a camping trip’ song … )


Mrs Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel
(Simon and Gardunkel were probably Jason’s first awakening to music, the first time the hair stood up on the back of his neck, and what a great film is The Graduate.)


Laura – Bat For Lashes
(Chris and Jason saw Bat For Lashes at the UEA a couple of years ago, and it was an absolutely superb gig … Question? Who isn’t a little bit in love with Natasha?)


First Light – Django Django
(Incredible gig at The Waterfront in Norwich, Jason is pleased to say he introduced Chris to these guys, nice to occasionally be ahead of the curve!)


Multiple Love – Paper Aeroplanes
(Saw these guys for the first time in Norwich Arts Centre, and was hooked. Great venue!)


What Sound – Lamb
(Saturday night headlining the World Jazz Stage (as it used to be called) at Glastonbury many moons ago. Incredible)


Another huge thank you to Lauren and all her team for the chance to select our tracks. You guys are always most welcome at any of our music events or just for a bit of r&r here at Deepdale on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.

If you fancy joining us for any of our Deepdale Music events, then please have a look at our programme online –

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