Deepdale Podcast – Favourite Music Releases of 2020, Farm Chat and Christmas Tunes – December 2020

Thanks for listening to the December 2020 episode of the Deepdale Podcast, our end of year celebration of fabulous music from some of our favourite artists. Many have either played at Deepdale or we’d love them to play at Deepdale. Chris, Jason and Nathan bring you our Top Music Releases in 2020, farm chat and our favourite indy Christmas tunes (effectively the Deepdale Christmas Album).

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Chris’ Favourite Music Releases in 2020

Jason set Chris the challenge to pick 8 albums that reflected his listening in 2020, and what a set of albums he’s selected. We hope you will help these artists by buying their music, preferably directly from the artists.

The Jayhawks – XOXO

The Jayhawks are Sheila’s favourite band, and she introduced Chris to their music. They got to meet the band at Moseley Folk Festival in 2016. Great album, and well worth purchasing. –

Courtney Marie Andrews – Old Flowers

Another discovery for Chris & Sheila at the Moseley Folk Festival. This album helps support her music crew who have had such a tough year. Not the happiest of albums, but fabulous music. –

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Reunions

Chris feels Jason is a ‘master songwriter’, and loves his body of work, but particularly this new album. Our Jason (not Mr Isbell) is new to The 400 Unit and loved this selection. –

Little Red Kings – The Magic Show Part 1

A band we love hosting at Deepdale, and they were due to headline Deepdale Festival 2020. Fingers crossed they’ll be with us in 2021 instead. A band that is so talented and should be better known outside of Norfolk. –

The Chicks – Gaslighter

Formerly The Dixie Chicks, The Chicks changed their name to step away from the racist connotations of their former name. We’ve all been fans of these ladies for a long time, and this album is a return to form. –

Das Fenster & The Alibis – Lucky Charms & Firearms

These lovely guys have produced a fabulous album this year. Fans of Deepdale Music events will have heard some of the tracks during performances from these guys. A great buy, will make you want to dance, and bring a smile to your face. –

Kirsty Merryn – Our Bright Night

Kirsty was due to perform at Deepdale Festival 2020 in St Mary’s Church, but Covid has moved that performance to September 2021. This beautiful album, taking you through one night is a beautiful piece of work. –

Martin Simpson – Home Recordings

What a brilliant album created in lockdown at home. Martin was due to play at Deepdale Festival 2020, and has kindly agreed to move his performance to September 2021, really looking forward to that. –

No one, who knows Chris’ love of music, will be the slightest bit surprised that he struggled to pick just 8 albums. So we gave him leeway and allowed him to include some honourable mentions.

This Is The Kit – Off Off On

Chris describes This Is The Kit’s album as one you could never get bored with. He would love Kate Stables and her band to play at Deepdale Festival, so this is an official invite to them, and we hope we can host them sometime soon. –

Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy – Snow Angel

Chris is quick to point out this isn’t an album, its a single specially produced for Christmas 2020. Kathryn was the one that got away in 2020, as was very nearly booked for the Deepdale Festival. With hope the stars will align and we’ll hear Kathryn performing at Deepdale sometime soon. –

The Shackleton Trio – Gonna Retrain As Santa Claus

Our lovely friends the shacks, have taken government advice and headed the call for the arts to retrain, choosing to take the job of Santa Claus. We approve of the career move, but would miss their music if they did retrain! –

Man The Lifeboats – When The Time Bell Rings

We’ve welcomed these guys to Deepdale a couple of times, and they set the Brick Barn alight, with everyone dancing and loving the music. Due to play at our Beltane in May, which has been hopefully reset for this coming May, fingers crossed. Great listen. –

Farm Chat

After all that lovely music, Nathan & Jason have a bit of Farm Chat. A quiet time in terms of drilling crop and other works on Deepdale Farm, but our winter barley is poking its head out of the soil, our woodland management plan is taking shape, and the process of going organic continues.

Christmas Tunes

Last up on the podcast is what has been become known as the Deepdale Christmas Album. (Although its just samples, tempting you to head online to buy the actual songs)

Little Red Kings – Intro

Lisa Redford – I Believe in Father Christmas

The Shackleton Trio – Gonna Retrain as Santa Claus

Man The Lifeboats – Whisky For Christmas

Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy – Snow Angel

Marina Florance – The Winter Wind

Dusky Sunday – Every Christmas

Fred’s House – Christmas at Home

Tilly Moses – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Rattlebox – Ye Mariners All

And of course the whole podcast was started by the lovely intro track by the hugely talented Jess Morgan.


Enjoy this months podcast and we look forward to you joining us next month. You can subscribe through most podcast directories & apps by searching Deepdale Podcast, through Castbox (our host), iTunes , or using the RSS feed

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Hope we’ll see you at Deepdale soon. Keep well and entertained.

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